Lavatories & Sinks

Large or small, single or double, Corian® sinks bring elegance, durability and performance to any application and come in many colors and styles to inspire your creative side, whether you want to create a relaxing space in a hotel guest room or at home in the kitchen or bath.

Our lavatories and sinks are available in many of the Colors of Corian® to complement your designs and in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any use, anywhere.

Browse, print or download (right click and choose "save 'target' or 'link' as") to your computer, this 45 page Corian Sinks and Lavatories Catalog* to compare sizes, colors and other options.   *Some sinks may not be available in certain types of colors, contact us for more information.  

For more options and details, click on a product link below to learn more about it. 

| Corian® Lavatories |

Corian® Commercial Sink Collection
The DuPont™ Corian® Commercial Sink Collection combines beauty, functionality, durability and stain resistance with easy care. Plus the collection comes in a number of color choices to complement any commercial design. » More

Corian® Bathroom Sinks
Corian® bathroom sinks provide beauty, functionality, durability, stain resistance and easy care through years of use. And because Corian® is nonporous, it won't promote the growth of mold or mildew. A variety of colors and styles will inspire your creative side. » More

Corian® Vanity Tops & Bowls
Corian® ready-to-install one-piece vanity tops and bowls fit more than 30 standard cabinet sizes and provide a custom look. Recessed faucet decks catch and guide water overflow back into the bowl. And vanity tops flow seamlessly into bowls, eliminating trapped dirt and germs. » More

| Corian® Sinks |

Corian® Small Sinks
Corian® single sinks are compact yet functional. Use one by itself, or in combination with other Corian® sinks. Sinks are available in a number of colors to complement any design. » More

Corian® Large Sinks
For spacious styling, a large, single Corian® sink is a popular choice. Select one to use alone or in any sink combination to increase your washing area. » More

Corian® Double Sinks
Double the sink means double the workspace. And these models go beyond practical, with a contemporary style and elegance to complement your design. » More

Corian® Vaso Sink Collection
The new Corian® Vaso Collection sinks will blend into any room while adding an air of elegance. The nonporous, stain resistant sinks fit right into a Corian® countertop seamlessly. » More

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